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Located in Downtown Denver, Colorado Cryo Clinic offers Localized Cryotherapy Treatments for face & body sculpting, pain management, recovery/prehab for athletes, stretch marks/scars, acne and more. The process repairs muscle tissue, aging skin and eliminates fat cells...forever!

Image by erin mckenna



Certified Cryotherapy Clinician

Shelley is the Owner of Colorado Cryo Clinic and has always been an entrepreneur. Prior to the opening of Colorado Cryo Clinic in 2022, Shelley wore many hats in the LA entertainment industry as an actress, model, band manager, past owner of the Hollywood Actors Theatre, and past owner of multiple successful catering companies.

Shelley is incredibly passionate about helping her clients feel good about themselves from the inside out, and is hyper-focused on providing them with the best possible treatments for their needs!

When she's not at the clinic, you can find Shelley spending time with her family, coaching volleyball, assisting with the City Park Jazz Fundraiser, or helping the Golden Triangle Creative District of Denver stay clean and vibrant.

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