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Elevate your well-being instantly with this safe, straightforward, and highly effective method to boost energy, enhance mood, fortify your immune system, and promote overall health. Come get your much-needed "sure shot" for an immediate injection of improved health to tackle the demands of your day.

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Nutrient Injection THERAPY PRICING

Whether you're seeking increased energy, improved immunity, hydration, or relief from various health conditions, Nutrient Injection Therapy can be a safe and effective solution.


The skinny Shot

Lipotropic aminos + MIC + B12 + L-Carnitine

The Ultimate boost for metabolic support!

Inner Athlete

B12 + B5 + MIC

Helps maintain stamina, adrenal function & energy boost.

Fearless & focused

B12 + B5 + Taurine

Promotes energy levels, muscle recovery, concentration & focus. 

Muscle Mania

B12 + Taurine + Magnesium

Aids in muscle recovery & inflammation

Hair Repair

B12 + Biotin + Glutathione

Enhance hair growth, reduce thinning & improve scalp health.


Immune Boost

B12 + B5 + B Complex 
Zinc + Glutathione +

L-Carnitine + Taurine 

Provides anti-viral plus other immune support for acute conditions.

Power Shot

B12 + B5 + B Complex 
Glutathione +

L-Carnitine + Taurine 

Promotes overall health, energy & cellular function, & enhances well-being.


B12 + Biotin + Glutathione

Boosts energy, supports nerve/muscle function, & enhances overall metabolic & cardiovascular health.

Anti-Aging Vitamin Injections


1/2cc: $45 | 1cc: $75

NAD+ (a.k.a. nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) promotes cell regeneration, + can aid with: clients experiencing joint + muscle pain, better sleep, mental clarity, + energy.



A vital molecule and powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative stress, inflammation, muscle damaged caused by exercise, and supports healthy immune function.


Also known as Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps to support overall heart health, boost cellular energy production, and enhance overall vitality.



Maintains strong bones, supports immune system function, & contributes to overall bone health and well-being.


Maintains healthy nerve cells, supports red blood cell formation, and provides sustained energy levels.

Vitamin C

Provides a rapid. effective way to boost your immune system, increase collagen production for healthier skin, & promote overall vitality.


Enhances energy production, aids in weight management, & promotes cardiovascular health by assisting the body in converting fat into usable energy.


Improves the health and strength of hair, skin, and nails, promoting a more vibrant and youthful appearance.


Can help accelerate fat metabolism, support weight loss efforts, and improve liver function, contributing to a leaner and healthier body.

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Nutrient injections offer an alternative to traditional oral vitamin intake, providing a direct and efficient means to replenish essential vitamins and nutrients vital for your body. This method proves highly effective in enhancing energy levels, bolstering your immune system, and promoting overall well-being, thanks to the immediate availability of nutrients for absorption.

In today's fast-paced world, where busy schedules often leave us feeling perpetually fatigued, it's a common experience. While the ideal scenario involves a well-rounded diet and regular exercise, reality can sometimes fall short. Fortunately, nutrient injections provide a valuable supplement, ensuring your body receives the necessary vitamins to naturally enhance your health.

While nutrient injection therapy benefits everyone, it particularly shines for individuals with gastrointestinal issues that may hinder the proper absorption of oral nutrients. Bypassing a potentially problematic digestive system by delivering nutrients directly into your cells significantly amplifies their effectiveness. Nutrient injection therapy stands as a safe, straightforward, and universally effective approach to boosting health, not just for those with digestive concerns, but for everyone seeking an elevated state of well-being.



At Colorado Cryo Clinic, our array of customized injection therapies allows us to instantly elevate your well-being. By delivering carefully selected vitamins and minerals directly into your muscles, we ensure that your body absorbs a higher concentration of these essential nutrients, bypassing the digestive tract's usual nutrient loss.

So, how do these nutrient injections benefit you? Here are some of the most common advantages:

1. Boosted Immune System: Our diverse injection options can fortify your immune system, enhancing your resistance to germs and illnesses. Nutrient injections provide the necessary boost that your body may not fully absorb through dietary consumption, helping to stave off sickness.

2. Enhanced Athletic Performance: Elevate your workouts with an infusion of amino acids, along with other vital vitamins and minerals. This unique blend can boost your athletic performance, and it's also crucial for post-workout recovery, as intense physical activity depletes your body's resources.


3. Detoxification: Harness added nutrients to detoxify your body effectively. The right combination of nutrients can cleanse your system of harmful free radicals that accelerate the aging process, allowing you to look and feel younger.

4. Increased Metabolism: Whether you're embarking on a weight loss journey or facing a plateau, nutrient injections can rev up your metabolism. A special formula of nutrients assists your body in processing fatty acids and burning fat.

5. Heightened Energy Levels: Recharge naturally with energy-boosting nutrients like amino acids. Nutrient injection therapy can help you overcome cravings for sugary and caffeinated beverages, providing sustained energy throughout the day.


6. Promoted Cardiovascular Health: Certain nutrients in our injections promote blood vessel relaxation, which can lead to lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health.


7. Nutrient Deficiency Management: Individuals with dietary restrictions due to conditions like Crohn's or Celiac disease often suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Nutrient injections prove beneficial as they bypass the digestive system, delivering nutrients directly to cells.


8. Hangover Relief: Alleviate hangover symptoms with a blend of rapidly absorbed B vitamins and amino acids, effectively eliminating toxins and helping you recover more quickly.


9. Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails: Enhance your body's production of cells essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails through a precise nutrient combination. Injected nutrients yield swift and noticeable results.


Embark on Your Path to Improved Health & Wellness

Experience the rapid effects of nutrient injections, and you'll soon feel a noticeable difference as you commence your personalized program. While the significance of vitamins in our diets is well-established, the means to obtain these essential nutrients are continuously evolving to be more efficient and effective. Our team is eager to assist you in harnessing the advantages of nutrient injection therapy, so why wait to start feeling better? Reach out to us today and initiate your journey toward a healthier body.

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